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Best Washing Machine Brands in India: In the last few years, due to increasing income rates, we have seen an unprecedented change in many modern appliances’ consumer profile. People are more inclined towards using them. The same is for washing machines. 

Earlier, there were a few selected washing machine brands in India, but now to meet the demand, many new manufacturers have come into the scene. People are concerned about the prices and give more consideration to the trend, visual look, designs, and quality of the products they are purchasing. It created a healthy competition in the market among the different manufacturers to bring up India’s best washing machines for its consumers. 

Spotting washing machines in Indian households is no longer a matter of luxury because it has become an essential need for many families because of the change in people’s lifestyle over the years.

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If we discuss in brief about the Indian markets then, around 75% of the need for the washing machine is occupied by big names like Whirlpool, Videocon and Samsung, along with other comparatively less popular brands like Godrej and Onida which combinedly rules about 8% of the markets. Companies like Panasonic, Haier and IFB are also showing good growth. LG, Toshiba, SVL, Weston are other good brands. 

Another essential thing to be noted is that fully automatic washing machines are not as popular as semi-automatic, which accounts for about 66% of the devices sold.

Now let’s come to our main focus and discuss the top ten best washing machine brands in India.

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Top 10 Washing Machine Brands in India

1. Samsung

This famous South Korean company has a reputation for providing excellent quality electronic products all over the world. Its washing machines are also very effective and trusted among consumers. Its front-loading washers are famous for their style, looks and functions. It also provides a range of semi-automatic washing machines, which are a popular choice for many buyers.

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2. Videocon

It is the next very famous washing machine brand in India which is known for manufacturing the first fully automatic top loading washer. They are equipped with Direct Drive Technology. The same technology was involved in creating a tilt drum washing machine that was the first of its kind in India. Top loading, front loading and semi-automatic are a few of its popular washing machine variants.

3. Whirlpool

It is another big name among the manufacturers of home appliances. This company arrived in India with TVS and now provides some of the best washing machines, microwave ovens, air conditioners, refrigeration and other such appliances. The headquarters of this company in India is located in Gurgaon, and its machines are equipped with inbuilt heaters.

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There are different variants like fully automatic 360 degrees, fully automatic top load, semi-automatic and fully automatic front load. If you purchase their washing machine, then you also get the benefits of sixth sense technology.

4. Onida

It is another famous brand providing the best washing machine in India for a long time. Previously, it was more famous for its TVs, but now, it focuses on other appliances like ACs, washing machines, etc. 

Its semi-automatic and fully automatic washing machines both have inbuilt brushes. It ensures that you get the experience of your clothes being washed by your hands.

5. IFB

IFB is the next one in the list of the top 10 washing machine brands in India that can meet all laundry needs. The best thing about this brand’s washing machines is that they are electricity-efficient, water-efficient, and need less detergent as they are equipped with German technology, which enhances the action of detergents in the cleansing of clothes.

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Other features include water jets and smart sensors, making sure that your clothes are adequately soaked, protection against rodents and spinning inside the machine properly takes place. They are the best washing machines in India for small laundry needs.

6. Godrej

It provides a range of automatic top loading washing machines and semi-automatic ones, which come with direct-drive technology features. It was the first company to introduce incline and drum front loading washing machines in the country and has a reputation for its quality in the market. 

If you are buying Godrej automatic washers, you are provided with different choices like front-loading, top-loading, tilt open drums, etc.

7. Haier

The next popular washing machine brand in India is Haier. Haier Group Corporation is a reputed name among the marketers and manufacturers of various kinds of home appliances, and its washing machines are one of their best products. A few of their washing machine’s significant features are that they have a timer and buzzer that prevents clothes from overfilling and washes your clothes very quickly.

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Fully automatic top load, semi-automatic and fully automatic front load are popular washing machines which are generally white or in grey colour.

8. Weston

Its washing machines are another great choice because of their features. Mainly, they are of two types: the Twin Tub washing machines with dual waterfalls function, filter function and you can wash about 6.5 kgs of clothes at once. The other type is Single Tub washing machines with fibre body, and they let you wash 6kg of clothes at a time.

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9. LG

Its washing machines come with waterproof motors, smart inverters and are energy efficient. They manufacture the best quality washing machines in India with various designs and the latest technologies and attractive colours. They are also available in different capacities depending on your needs.

10. Panasonic

This is the last name on our list of famous washing machine brands in India. Autoload sensors, foam, water and electricity efficiency, double-layer door, hard body, free from rusting, and water-resistant washing panels make these washing machines one of the best ones in the market.

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So, these were the ten best washing machine brands in India. I hope you found it helpful.


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