Best Mileage Bikes in India

Best Mileage Bikes in India: Nowadays, a bike has been an inevitable component of our day-to-day lives. But the price of petrol and diesel has unexpectedly gone up. The bike owners are suffering from this price hike. One has to think more before buying her/his dream bike. Some are buying an old one instead of a new one. This situation has led us to check all the features minutely to get an affordable and long-lasting option.

The first query about mileage comes first when one decides to buy a bike. The bike which gives a better service catches our attraction. Here in this article, I’ll be discussing the top 10 mileage bikes in India. 

The demand for most fuel-efficient bikes has always been an attraction to us. If you are looking for the most fuel-efficient bikes in India, then this blog can help you decide easily. The manufacturing companies focus on these bikes which are fuel-efficient and give better mileage, which has always been the main priority. So, let’s dig deep into the article right away.

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Top 10 Mileage Bikes in India

TVS Star City Plus

TVS Star City Plus is considered to be one of the most fuel-efficient bikes in India. The bike has a 109.7 cc engine, which offers a max power of 8.30bhp. TVS Star City Plus is known for its comfortable seating capacity and powerful engine performance. It comes at an affordable price of Rs. 53,047. Features like built-in USB mobile, a multifunctional console, and an MF battery. The mileage is 86kmpl.

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Yamaha Saluto RX

Though Yamaha is a Japanese company, it is widely sold in India. The bike is fuel-efficient that can generate a max power of 8.50Nm. The bike has a 110 cc engine. It comes in six different colours.

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With its impressive pick-up and acceleration, the bike is still considered to be one of the best mileage bikes in India 2021. The mileage is 82kmpl. You can grab it at Rs. 60,880. Developed with BlueCore technology, Yamaha Saluto RX can be your suitable commuter.  

Hero Passion pro

Hero Passion Pro is divided into two variants – BS6 Drum and BS6 Disk. With its 113 cc engine, the bike can generate a max power of 9.79Nm. The price starts from Rs. 67,400 – 69,600. This upgraded bike from Hero is 5% more fuel-efficient than before. The mileage is 68kmpl. Hero Passion Pro comes in 5 different colours. This can be your other go-to choice.  

Hero Glamour

Every beginner starts with a bike, and Glamour is the hand-reach option for them. Many amateurs have set their hands by this bike. It comes with 4 variants. So the price is also different. It starts with Rs. 71,900 and goes up to Rs. 76,600. With its 124 cc engine, Glamour can generate a max power of 10.6Nm. Six new colour options are available in the market. Its best competitors are Bajaj Pulsar 125 and Honda SP125. The mileage is 64.1kmpl.  

Honda Activa

The new Honda Activa with its 124 cc engine generates a max power of 10.3Nm. The bike comes in three variants, so the price is between Rs. 70,629 – 77,752. The mileage is 60kmpl. There are 4 different colours available in the market. Activa is kind of a new sensation for Indians. If you don’t prefer a bike, you may go for this scooter. This is very easy to handle and ride.

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TVS Victor

Considered to be the best in mileage, TVS Victor has a 110 cc engine, which generates a max power of 9.4Nm torque. The mileage is 70kmpl. You can grab your TVS Victor at Rs. 55, 022. With its brilliant design, the bike comes with some notable features like a digital speedometer and a comfortable seat. It delivers a powerful performance.

Bajaj Discover 110

Being considered one of the best mileage bikes in India, Bajaj Discover 110 gives you a smoother riding experience. Powered by i3s technology, it can generate a max power of 8.6bhp and 9.81Nm torque. The price is within reach, which is Rs. 53,811. This bike comes with six different colour options. Bajaj Discover 110 has a 115.5 cc engine and can be your go-to choice even for amateurs also.

Hero Splendor Plus

Another best mileage bike that comes from Hero is Splendor Plus. With its 97.2 cc engine, the mileage is 81kmpl. A bike is a budget-friendly option, and the price is Rs. 53,790. Two-wheeler comes in seven shades. The self-start feature is attractive, and one can buy it for everyday use. Its main competitors are Bajaj CT100, TVS Sport, and Platina 100.

Bajaj Platina 100

An old collection from Bajaj is still popular with so many. The bike is considered to be one of the most fuel-efficient bikes in India. Two primary colours are available in the market – black and red. The 4-speed is another notable feature of this bike. The mileage is 90kmpl.

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With its 102 cc engine, Bajaj Platina can generate a max power of 7.9bhp and 8.34Nm of torque. The attractive price will grab your attention first, which is Rs. 40, 897. It comes with a 13-litre fuel tank. Suitable for everyone.

TVS Sport

TVS has always been an attraction to all levels of society. There are different types of bikes available in the market right now. The company still holds riders’ attention. TVS Sport is widely sold in India. For its budget-friendly price and mileage grab everyone’s attention. The mileage and price are 95kmpl and Rs. 39,900.

The bike entered the Asia Book of Record in 2019 for being the most fuel-efficient bike. With the 100 cc engine, it can generate a max power of 7.4bhp and 7.3Nm of torque. Some of the notable features are a single-cylinder and air-cooled engine.

This was a list of some of your probable choices. There are many on the internet. But keeping in mind all the sections of our society, I made this list for everyone. No obstruction can hinder your first ride with your particular choice.


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