Biggest Animals in The World

Biggest Animals in the World: There are so many species of animals living on this earth. There is a great diversity in their shapes and sizes. There are some microscopic animals while some are as big as 30-metre-long blue whales. Whether we consider land or aquatic animals, we always find some huge animals with great height and length with heavy bodyweight in comparison to other animals.

In this article, we are going to talk about the top 10 biggest animals in the world and will also provide some amazing facts about them.

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1. Blue Whale

The blue whale which can be as long as 98 feet and weigh 180 tonnes, is the first animal in our list of top 10 biggest animals in the world. Only the weight of its tongue is as heavy as an elephant. Their heart can be the size of a car and it is the largest animal ever existed on this planet.

They are so big but then also, they feed on small marine creatures like krill. They can eat over 36,000 kg of krill every day and can attain a speed up to 30 km/hr in the deep oceans. They are very big so they don’t have many predators but killer whales, sharks and big ships cause them significant harm every year.

2. African Elephant

When we talk of terrestrial animals, then no animal is bigger than the African elephants. Their length from tail to the trunk can be up to 10.6 metres and these herbivores animals can weigh up to 7 tons.

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They are very intelligent social animals with great hearing skills and brains which can be up to 5 kg in mass. One amazing fact about this biggest land mammals is their pregnancy period which is about 22 months and is the longest one. There were around 300 elephant species a few decades ago but now, Asian and African are the only two remaining species.

3. Colossal Squid

This aquatic animal with the largest eyes measuring 25 centimetres in diameter in the entire animal kingdom, is the next in the top 10 biggest animals in the world list. The biggest squid ever spotted was 14 metres long and the only predator of this giant mammoth is the sperm whales.

We don’t have much data about these animals as they prefer to live in isolation at depths of more than 1000 metres.

4. Giraffe

This tallest animal on the earth with a height measuring up to 19 ft is the next one among the top 10 biggest animals in the world. Their long necks with length up to 1.8 metres are the most significant thing about these animals.

These vegetarian animals belong to the East African grasslands and use their long tongues to feed on leaves and young shoots. Even a newborn giraffe can be found to be taller than an adult human. There are four species of these animals.

5. Whale Shark

This underwater beast which is found in the tropical seas is the next one in our list of the biggest animals in the world. They can weigh up to 22 tonnes and mostly eat tiny planktons. The blue whale is the largest mammal and this one is the largest fish in the world.

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Its grey coloured body with white stripes and spots makes it very distinctive. It can be as long as 46 feet and has two fins. These large fishes also have a long lifespan of up to 150 years.

6. Saltwater Crocodiles

We have talked about the biggest land and aquatic animals and now, when we talk of reptiles, then it is the largest one in the world. It can be up to 6.3 metres long and 453 kg in weight. They can be spotted in the salt waters of India, Australia and Asia.

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So, these living beasts got their spot in the top 10 biggest animals in the world countdown.

7. Brown Bear

If you are talking about the biggest land carnivores, the Polar Bears and the brown bears are the two names in the competition. Brown bears, when they stand on their hind legs can be up to 3 metres tall and are too heavy (up to 1 ton).

So, they have got 7th place in our list of top 10 biggest animals in the world. You can find these brown bears in European, Asian and North American forests. They have great navigation skills and they can smell things while being miles away from it.

8. Ostrich

Now when it comes to birds, ostrich is the largest one on this planet. An amazing fact about them is that they have three stomachs and no teeth and they are very powerful flightless birds who can even kill lions with their kick.

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They can weigh up to 156 kg and can reach a height of 9 ft. They are also the bird with the largest eyes and they can live for many days with no water as they can extract water from vegetation and produce water internally.

9. Goliath Beetle

These are the heaviest insects that can be found in the African tropical forest. They are found in different colours like white, brown, black and weigh up to 100g. They can also reach up to 11.5 cm in length. So, these underground insects get 9th place in our top 10 largest animal countdowns.

10. Chinese Salamander

It is the largest amphibian and also the last animal to be listed in our top 10 biggest animals in the world list. On average, they can be 30 kg in weight but some also become 60 kg giants.

Also, they can grow up to 1.8 metres and these ‘living fossils’ are also among the rare and endangered animals of the world. They always live underwater and their skin helps in absorbing oxygen. Their eyesight is very weak and they locate their prey by sensing vibrations inside water.

These were the top 10 biggest animals in the world. We have included animals from various categories. Hope you enjoyed reading this article.

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