Best Perfumes for Men in India


When we go for shopping on any festival or any other occasion, we mainly focus on buying shoes, clothes etc. But, we forget an essential thing – perfume, but with time it is becoming a necessity especially in Asia where people sweat due to hot environment and crowded places which can result in bad odours. So, it also becomes trendier or fashion statement to wear exotic perfumes for men as well women.

Perfume word arises from Latin phrase:

Per – thorough 

Fumes – smoke 

It is a fragrant liquid made up of many kinds of essential oils extracted from plant flowers and spices to provide a lovely smell to a person’s body.

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How applying perfume can affects a person

  • It helps to feel attractive and confident.
  • Perfume enhances or promotes a person’s mood or lift up our spirits to project it towards a better or positive way.
  • Nowadays, perfumes are one of the essential parts of a person’s personality. Smell speaks a lot about a person’s personality. It can create spellbinding or can turn them off at the same time. 

So, it’s necessary to keep your personality attractive and odour-free.

Perfumes are mainly stored in glass bottles to make them more appealing and nice-looking to customers. 

Perfume helps to reduce stress when applied at the pressure point or pulse point of our body. This is because pulse points are warmer than any other body part.

The main pulse points where perfumes can be applied for long-lasting and fresh effects are as follows:

  • Neck 
  • Behind your ears
  • Armpits 
  • Throat base 
  • Inner wrist 
  • Inner elbows 
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Although, it can be applied to many other areas of the body.

Perfume helps to be attractive around people. After applying perfume, we find ourselves more confident and attractive than ever.

Benefits of applying perfume 

  • Perfume enhances our mood and elevates the inner spirit of a person. Our sense of smell is directly attached to the limbic system present in our brain, which is very specific to body odours or fragrances. 
  • Aromatherapy Smelling to particular oil help to overcome or ease our body and tend to release some hormones that reduce anxiety and help to get rid of tension. 
  • Wash away / wash off our body odour and makes us attractive and confident.
  • Fragrances have calming and soothing properties. The perfume smells positively lead the mind and stress-free State.
  • Boosts confidence, pumps up our mood and escalate drive.
  • Make our personality more appealing

10 best perfumes for men in India in an affordable range (not in any particular order) based on the internet 

Fogg scent intensio EDT perfume

  • Clear and strong fragrance 
  • Smells good and fresh for the whole day and feel attractive 
  • Prevents body odour 
  • No gas, only liquid – this formula makes it best among Indian perfumes.
  • The fragrance stays on your body for 8-10 hrs 
  • Natural antibacterial properties 
  • Anti-persistent 

Mr. Burberry 

  • Woody and aromatic fragrance 
  • Long-lasting, throughout the day
  • A unique scent that allows getting a magnetic feel
  • Affordable price 
  • No harmful effect after application on the body

Denver’s natural Hamilton blue perfume 

  • Light and mild fragrance 
  • Long-lasting, throughout the day 
  • Its packaging and bottle makes it more attractive among consumers 
  • Famous among youngsters for classic and elegant fragrance 
  • Great for daily use 
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Jaguar classic EDT perfume 

  • Aromatic spicy and woody fragrance 
  • Provide masculine smell 
  • Alcohol–free (most premium quality)
  • Provide soothing, calming and refreshing effect 
  • Long-lasting 
  • Available at affordable price 

David off cool water perfume 

  • The fragrance resembles to smell of the ocean 
  • A mixture of intensive scented oils and natural herbs 
  • Apply it on pulse point areas such as behind the ears or wrist for a long-lasting effect 
  • Affordable/pocket-friendly price 

Park Avenue perfume 

  • Masculine fragrance 
  • Higher quality, affordable and tempting 
  • Suitable for all skin types 

Versace man Fraiche EDT perfume  

  • Woody, aquatic fragrance 
  • The smell remains for the whole day and is perfect for daily use in summers
  • Apply on pulse points 
  • Popular among youngsters, dermatologically tested  
  • Fancy and available at a cheap price 

SKINN by Titan verge perfume 

  • One of the best perfumes for everyday use 
  • Affordable price 
  • Dermatologically tested, no allergic reaction to body 
  • Floral fragrance 
  • Provides the active and calm effect 
  • It keeps you fresh all day long

Calvin Klein eternity EDT perfume

  • Musky and fresh fragrance 
  • Most reputed and famous brand among youngsters 
  • Classy and mild perfume is tempting and available at an affordable price 
  • Safe to use for all skin types 
  • Apply to pulse point area for a long-lasting effect

Wild stone 

  • This perfume is designed to attract the adventurous side to explore the intense charm
  • Well-liked by youngsters 
  • No adverse effect noticed 
  • Dermatologically safe to use 
  • A fresh and exotic scent, magnetic attraction. 


Nowadays, perfume is an essential part of our lives that affects a person’s personality among people and society.

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A phrase which completely describes the importance of perfume in daily life –

“Smell of a person speaks about his personality. “

Nowadays, perfume is available almost everywhere at affordable prices. It gains more popularity among youngsters due to marketing skills, brand promotion, internet knowledge etc. There are many online shopping sites from where we can purchase perfume from different famous brands at a reasonable price. Perfume has many benefits like it keeps our body odour free, provide a calming and soothing effect. Some perfumes are dermatologically tested and have antibacterial property which kills bacteria and germs present in our body sweat. Some perfumes are anti persistent that reduces the amount of sweat. Perfumes can release ‘pheromones’ in our body, which accelerates other hormones and can help get rid of anxiety/stress.

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