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Best Dog Breeds in the World: No doubt that dogs are the most popular pet animal in the world. Their ability to learn things and communicate with humans and adjusting to them makes them the best companion of humans. You might also be thinking of bringing one to your house.

The first problem that many people face is selecting the breed that suits them. There are so many dog breeds and each of them has its own specification, characteristics, and abilities. Some of them are very dangerous while some are very friendly ones, some are smart while some are cute looking which can catch every eye.

Today, in this article, we are going to discuss the top 10 dog breeds in the world which are very smart and they can learn commands easily and take very little time to be trained and are obedient. But one thing, if you already have one in your house and it doesn’t come in this top 10 list, then it doesn’t mean that you should feel bad as research shows that dogs are much smarter than they are credited for. And for those people who are planning to bring a new puppy to their house, you can select from the list given below.

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Top 10 Best Dog Breeds in the World

Border Collie

If you are talking about smart dogs, then we can’t ignore this breed. It is one of the smartest and handsome breeds in the world. They have great problem-solving abilities and intelligence to maintain things around them.

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Native to the border of Scotland and England, these smart dogs help shepherds to control the flock and because of that, they are also famous as ‘Scotch sheepdog’.

German Shepherd

The next dog breed in our list of top 10 dog breeds in the world is German Shepherd which are famous for their capabilities all around the world. When it comes to intelligence, they are rated very high because they easily capture instructions and learn commands efficiently.

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These loyal, athletic dogs, full of confidence, can be the best choice for your family dog. They are also used by the military and as assistance dogs.


These dogs can be easily differentiated because of their hairstyle. They are from Germany who was bred for activities like hunting birds and for retrieving water. These dogs are smart and have a good sense of humor and are known for their friendly nature and trainable capabilities. There are many stories of these dogs helping in supplies during the war, herding, and also in performing arts.

Golden Retriever

This is an amazing breed of dog which you can bring as a family dog to your home. This breed is a result of crossbred which was done by Lord Tweed mouth in 1865. They behave very friendly and have a loving personality and are agile and obedient. They love to be family dogs, but can also be trained as service dogs.

Doberman Pinscher

These are intelligent and equally dangerous dog breeds and are some of the most aggressive ones. During the time of the Second World War, they were used to guide soldiers in the jungles and guard troops while they were sleeping. These are very strong and can be trained easily. If you are searching for a loyal and fearless companion, then you must bring this breed home.

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Labrador Retriever

This is another good choice for your dog. They are known for their ability to swim in the water. They have a thick coat along with a long tail and webbed feet which helps them in swimming. Another amazing fact about these dogs is that they are the most popular ones in the USA.

They are great hunters and apart from being a family pet, they are also used in therapy works, water rescue teams and as assistance dogs.

Shetland Sheepdog

They are a crossbred breed from the Shetland Islands. They are another group of smart and intelligent dogs and they look similar to miniature Collie. They are helpful in farm work and are good guard dogs too.

They are great at herding and their barks can scare strangers. They are highly playful and enjoy spending time with humans. All these reasons include these energetic dogs in our list of top 10 dog breeds in the world.


If you want to bring a cute-looking and equally smart breed to your house, then these are some of the best choices for you. They are very friendly and their feathered ears give them a unique look. They are the most intelligent ones in the category of ‘toy breeds’.

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They are best when it comes to agility and athletic activities. This toy breed is very easy to train. Even if you don’t have much experience, then also, you can train them easily

Australian Cattle Dog

This breed of dog is a result of a crossbred between the Australian Dingo and the Blue Merle shepherds of England. These are very hardworking and are always full of energy and can be useful in herding trials and rally obedience. They are skilled at agility related intensive activities and flyball.

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It is recommended to keep them engaged in regular exercises, work and other kinds of sports.


These gentle dogs are the last one on our list of top 10 dog breeds in the world. These dogs are very playful and are known for their kind behavior with family and friends. They are equally brave and have the strength to defend their owners. They are very social and can be easily trained to be a good family dog.

In the olden days, they were among the first few breeds of dogs that were used as dog guides. They are still used in several kinds of rescue missions. You won’t regret bringing them home and training them, spending quality time, playing with them, and enjoying the company of these loyal companions.

Hope you enjoyed reading about these best dog breeds in the world. Selecting any of these will be a good decision. You must also do some extra research about other things before buying any. Follow us for more such content.

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