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Best Bluetooth Earphones in India: It’s irritating sometimes with a wired earphone. It doesn’t make you comfortable because a “ribbon” (humorously) always haunts you wherever you go. This is the time to buy a Bluetooth earphone. Now, the point is to search.

There are many online shops right now. Where would you go and which would you choose? It’s very time-consuming. We really can’t understand which will be better. Online shops are filled with thousands of materials. Choosing one from the ocean of materials is frustrating. Checking a review would be a better option here. This list of the top 10 best Bluetooth earphones in India will help you at the utmost level. 

Using Bluetooth earphones gives you more comfort than wired earphones. You don’t need to think about the wire or “ribbon”. Just pair it with your mobile phone, and the work is done. Listen until the battery ends. Wireless earphones are the new fashion right now. Then why not moulding us to the latest fashion? Let’s see what the culprits are in this game.

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Top 10 Bluetooth Earphones in India

Apple AirPods Pro

iOS users have a great option for a wireless sound experience. With decent battery life, this not only gives you a soothing sound system but also comes with noise cancellation, wireless charging, and many more options. It costs Rs 20, 964. 


  • Unique simple design 
  • Good battery life
  • High-quality sound
  • Best suited for Apple products


  • Quality degradation with Android products
  • Comes at an expensive price
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OnePlus Buds Z

OnePlus has gained a prominent place in the mobile industry. They have come with a pair of impressive earphones. OnePlus Buds Z has an amazing 3D stereo sound system. Because Dolby Atmos supported, the earphones give you a better listening experience. It comes at a price of Rs 2, 699. 


  • Amazing battery life with 20 hours 
  • Fast charging option 
  • Water-resistant
  • Marvellous sound quality


  • Bass is not as expected
  • The application is still in development 

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OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z

Again from the OnePlus brand, this in-ear neckband comes at a price of Rs 1,999. It is durable and water-resistant. This simply designed earphone comes with a one-year warranty which is surely attractive. Moreover, it gives you 10 hours of long battery power. 


  • Great battery life
  • Water and sweat-resistant
  • Easy to pair with your phone
  • Lightweight and good sound quality
  • Comes at a very affordable price


  • Bass quality is not as expected
  • Plastic builds

Bose SoundSport

I wonder there are few people who haven’t heard about the name “Bose”. They are known for making incredible sound systems. You can get any among three colours – black, bright orange and midnight blue. SoundSport is durable and comes with a decent design.


  • It’s very comfortable to use
  • Lasts long 
  • Better sound with extra bass feature
  • Water-resistant


  • It comes at an expensive price
  • No noise cancellation feature

JBL Endurance Run BT Sweat-Proof Bluetooth Headsets

With a good balance of high and low frequency, JBL Endurance can be a great choice for you. If you love depth bass, then you should go for this one. It offers a powerful audio performance. Moreover, it’s an in-ear neckband earphone that is comfortable for everyone. You can grab it at Rs 1,999. 

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  • Excellent sound quality with depth bass
  • Lightweight and decent design
  • Sweatproof 
  • Very affordable 


  • Average battery life around 4-5 hours
  • The noise cancellation feature is not there

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Boat Rockerz 600

This is one of the cheapest earphones in the market right now with a marvellous design. It can definitely nudge you to buy the material. The price is only Rs 1899. The brand has a good reputation in the market with its innovative products.  


  • The battery can last 8 hours long
  • Comes at a very cheap price
  • Stylish and classy design
  • Excellent sound quality with super extra bass


  • Issues with Mic
  • You may face delay in the sound while watching videos

Oppo Enco W51

This little giant can give you the best quality performance. It comes at a price of Rs 4, 999. This can be your next pair of earphones with some good features at an affordable budget. 


  • Excellent sound quality with noise reduction feature
  • Easy to use operation
  • Dust and water-resistant
  • Comfortable with your ear


  • Limited controls for other mobile phones
  • Average battery life 

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JBL C100

If you are tight with your budget, then JBL C100 can be a fantastic option for you. You need only Rs 2,999 to grab this earphone. It comes with decent battery life, good design, and better quality sound.  


  • Standard battery life
  • Decent quality of sound
  • Simple and sophisticated design
  • Less expensive
  • Automatic power on and off
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  • Not suitable for long hours of gaming purpose 
  • It comes with a Micro USB port which is an old fashion in 2021

Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2

This is quite an expensive earphone, but hey! the best thing doesn’t come cheaper. The price is around Rs 23, 999. Nevertheless, it’s a notable earphone with better sound quality and great battery life.


  • Long hours of battery power
  • Bluetooth connectivity is at the top level
  • Strong base feature with much clarity
  • Simple app
  • It can be connected to multiple devices


  • This is quite expensive

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Sony WF-XB700 Truly Wireless Extra Bass Bluetooth Earbuds

If you are looking for a good earphone with long battery life and good sound quality within Rs 10,000, then you might check this. 


  • Perfect fit
  • Long-life battery
  • Bluetooth connectivity is excellent
  • The sound quality is awesome with extra bass
  • Water and sweat-resistant


  • As far as the contra is concerned, there is a wireless charging facility 

The list goes on, but these are the top 10 Bluetooth earphones in India right now. I hope this article helps you to make an informed decision.

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