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Best Hollywood Movies of All Time: When it comes to discussing which film industry has given us the most mind-blowing film concepts of all time, in all types of genre. Hollywood is on top of the choices of most of the viewers, because of its unique cinematography and storylines.

So, here are the Top 10 Hollywood movies for movie lovers and cinephiles. Also, we have put some extra effort and have told some facts in-between.

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The given Film’s fall’s under the all-time best Hollywood movies of all time

Fight club

The first film on our list was made in 1999 and directed by David Fincher is a masterpiece to watch. Where an insomniac office worker meets a soap salesman on a business trip and they form an underground fight club that evolves on a much big scale and leads to a suspenseful truth.


A Christopher Nolan film released in 2010 is a Science fiction inspired by anime named Paprika.

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A thief named Dominic Cobb steals corporate secrets by targeting the subconscious mind of a high-ranked CEO with the help of dream-sharing technology. The task was given to him by a Japanese businessman Saito to incept an idea in the CEO’s mind. Which leads Cobb, Saito, and their team on an unexplained adventure of dreams.

Saving Private Ryan

The next film on the list is the Steven Spielberg film that came out in 1998 as a war film based on the events of the Normandy Invasion during World War II. After the 3 days of the invasion, General George Marshall knows that Ryan’s family’s three sons were killed in action & the Fourth and last son of the family is on a mission. Captain John Miller and his team were assigned the task to search for Private James Ryan. A heartwarming must-watch Hollywood movie.

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The Todd Philips directed movie was one of the best films coming out in 2019 as a Dark thriller movie based on DC’scomic book character Joker. During the darkest time of Gotham city, A comedian named Arther fleck lives with his mother. Suffering from clinical disorder, loneliness, Being bullied by mean society’s people, and discrimination.

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During inappropriate & uncomfortable situations because of his medical disorder, causes him to laugh. One day on a subway train he kills 2 men in defense. After some upcoming events and numbers that are heartbreaking, the tragedy led his way to become Joker which starts a disastrous revolution.

Batman Begins

Another Christopher Nolan film came out in 2005 and is the 1st movie in the Dark knight trilogy based on DC’s Superhero Batman. A visionary Thomas Wayne helps Gotham city to make a good place to live. Later The movie shows the journey of Bruce Wayne (son of Thomas Wayne) whose parents were killed by a mugger. Bruce was raised by his family butler Afraid after he became an orphan.

He seeks justice for his parents from outer than law. After traveling 7 years & training by Ra’s al Jul, Bruce Wayne begins his journey as Batman in Gotham city and the lives of Billionaire, Playboy’s character, and by the night vigilante. Best Hollywood film to watch how Batman started his journey.

The Matrix

The 1999 film made by Lana & Lilly Wachowski The Matrix is one of its kind best English sci-fi films to watch In your lifetime at least once.

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A computer programmer named Thomas Anderson comes across the Mysterious agents named Trinity and Morpheus, who claim to fight with the system and reality controlling mechanism/machines. Anderson joins them as Neo. Later after several events, Anderson finds out that something is wrong with reality, which leads him towards the truth about The matrix.

Seven/ Se7en

Brad Pitt & Morgan Freeman starer, Directed by David Fincher. Seven was released in 1995. A must-watch Hollywood psychological thriller film shows the Story of serial murders. One soon retiring detective & one recently moved to the city, both detectives work on the case as partners. Later in the investigation, they find out that the serial killer is using 7 deadly sins as a Motive to kill the victims.

The Shawshank redemption

The 1994 film direction of Frank Darabont was based on the novel of Stephen King by the same name is one of the best and must watch Hollywood films.

Where in 1947, a Banker named Andy Dufresne was convicted on the charges of murdering his wife and her extramarital lover. For the crime, he was sentenced to consecutive life sentences at Shawshank. Where he meets an inmate named Ellis “Red” Redding and forms a bond of friendship between them over the years. The movie is an art in it. A mind-blowing Hollywood thriller.

Shutter island

One of the biggest minds of Hollywood filmmakers Martin Scorsese has their own imagination for psychological thriller films. The movie was based on the 2003 Novel by Laeta Kalogridis with the same name. Shutter Island was released in 2010 as one of the finest works of Scorsese magic.

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In 1954, two US marshals named Teddy Daniels and Chuck Aule were sent to Shutter Island for the investigation of a missing patient named Rachel Rolando, who had a history of drowning her own 3 children to death. During the investigation, Teddy smells and cooks the conspiracy about Shutter Island and the asylum. But till the end, a heartbreaking truth comes out from the past.


Coco is a Fantasy Animation film by Adrian Molina & Lee Unkrich and was released in 2017. The film’s story was inspired by The Mexican holiday named ‘Day of the dead’. The film is about a boy named Miguel who wants to be a musician & idolizes famous musician Ernesto de la Cruz who has been deceased. Miguel can’t play music because his great-great-grandmother banned the music from the family and now it’s prohibited in the family. On the day of the festival Day of the Dead, he accidentally breaks a photograph and finds out a secret.

The movie indeed is beautiful and heart whelming. Once in a lifetime, you should watch this Hollywood animation movie with your family.

Here ends our list of best English movies of all time you must watch.

Hope you’ll enjoy the films.

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