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Top 10 Best AC Brands in India: Though summer has already gone, the rainy season is still prevailing. It doesn’t mean we are behind the game of buying. An AC is an essential requirement to deal with the scorching heat environment. After coming back from work, it gives us celestial feelings at that time. As the temperature is rising every year for climate change, the demand for AC is also increasing. Because of so many brands available in our country, it makes us frustrated to find the best deal. So, we have prepared this list of the top 10 AC brands in India. This article may give your best deal.  

We can now find AC in many Indian houses because of the rising power of the middle class earning. The new cutting-edge technology has given the AC a new direction. The ACs offered from the top brands suit the demand for residential, commercial, and industrial purposes. What matters is choosing the right one for your usage. If you are not buying an AC just because of the electricity bills, then there is an option you are missing. You can now buy energy-efficient AC, which reduces electricity consumption. So, let’s start our list of the top 10 AC brands in India

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Top 10 AC Brands in India

1. Voltas

Voltas is one of the top AC brands in India. The name is already popular with many households because of its affordable and attractive ACs. Because of its reliability and quality, the brand has gained the trust of its core users by manufacturing some popular machines. The brand manufacturers top-class cooling windows and split ACs. Not only these, but they also make water coolers, freezers, industrial air conditioning, and commercial refrigerators. Backed by the Tata Group, Voltas gives you durability and high performance. The price range comes between Rs 25,000-55,000. 

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2. LG

This is another trusted and reliable brand in our country which possesses different products. With their advanced technology and reasonable prices, LG has become one of the top 10 AC brands in India. Not only that but their great service is also appreciated. LG ACs can help in the 54 degrees C temperature also. It saves up to 66% energy which is just awesome for your budget consideration. The price comes between Rs 18,000-78,000. 

3. Haier

Coming from China, the products of Haier has been familiar with many households. Not only do they sell ACs but also refrigerators, washing machines, and other electronic things. The brand is now a trustworthy entity in the country. Their products are no doubt energy-efficient and credible. It makes them one of the top 10 AC brands in India. You can have an awesome colling experience through Haier Acs. The price range comes between Rs 18,000-45,000. 

4. Hitachi

As we all know, Japan is known for its innovation. So, it reflects on everything they produce. Hitachi is a Japanese brand that perfectly portrays the same tenet. They are popularly famous in the whole world. The most amazing features are the self-cleaning system and low power consumption. This is why it sets the brand apart from others and makes it one of the top AC brands in India. The price range comes between Rs 25,000-70,000. 

5. Whirlpool

Another oldest name in our list of the top 10 AC brands in India is Whirlpool. This is also a very popular name outside India also. By adopting advanced technology, Whirlpool has delivered superior performance throughout the years. They are based in the USA but have been familiar with Indian households very much. They sell both split and Windows ACs with the most energy-efficient solution. The price range comes between Rs 32,000-55,000.     

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6. Godrej

The names of our list of the top 10 AC brands in India have been heard by millions. Godrej is one of them. Spreading across different products, the brand has gained huge popularity over the years. They are famous for their home appliances. Be it Split, Window ACs, or even the new addition Inverter AC, you get everything in Godrej’s bag. With the low-power consumption features, Godrej ACs are a preferred choice for thousands of families.    

7. Blue Star

Blue Star has attracted thousands of people’s attention since its inception in 1943. They offer products for industrial, commercial, corporate, and also individual purposes. They have been offering a great cooling experience with amazing features over the years. One of the noteworthy features of the brands is their service. They have different types of ACs for all kinds of users. The price comes between Rs 22,000-1,00,000. 

8. Daikin

The very old Japanese company which is still in the consumer operating market is Daikin. After it started operation in India, the brand has incredibly spread its business over the years. With affordable rates, you can get high-quality products. Daikin uses advanced technology which can effectively reduce the temperature of your room. The price range comes between Rs 18,000-50,000. 

9. Videocon

Another very familiar name in our list of the top 10 AC brands in India is Videocon. With their best-in-the-industry services, they offer some attractive ACs that can woo the customers instantly. Their business is spread across refrigerators, TVs, microwave ovens, etc. this has become a household name after it started its operation in 1979. They have introduced some innovative features such as WiFi, Active Carbon Filter, Anti-bacterial Filter, dehumidification, and energy efficiency. The most interesting news is they have launched World’s First Satelite AC, Aryabot.   

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10. Samsung 

I think the brand doesn’t need any introduction. Spread in different product categories, Samsung is one of the world’s best brands. The AC is also a popular product from the brand. They are famous for their advanced features with great cooling technology. The Inverter AC is also a preferred choice by thousands of users. By implementing cutting-edge technology, Samsung comes as one of the top 10 brands in India. The price range comes between Rs 20,000-70,000.

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