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Best blood pressure machine: A lot of people are suffering from blood pressure-related problems around the world. They need regular blood pressure check-ups, and going to the clinic every time becomes time-consuming and hectic. Moreover, the blood pressure in the body keeps changing throughout the day. So, a single measurement might not be enough. 

Buying a BP machine is an excellent solution to this problem. You have to bring the best blood pressure machine to your home, and things will become simple for both you and your doctor. You can always keep track of variations in your blood pressure levels anytime and anywhere. To get the maximum accuracy and the comfort to operate, you need to buy the best BP machine. 

BP machines or BP monitors have two groups. The first one is the arm BP Monitor, and the other one is the wrist blood pressure monitor. 

You also have a choice between choosing a digital or an aneroid monitor. Generally, digital ones are easier for even ordinary people to operate as they display readings automatically, which are very accurate. Doctors typically use aneroid BP monitors, and if someone is not from a medical background then, there are chances of recording incorrect reading using this BP Monitor.

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The last thing that you need to consider is the cuff size of your BP machine. It should perfectly fit in your arm or wrist to get correct readings.

Now let us come to our primary focus, and let’s discuss the 10 best digital BP machine brands in India.

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Top 10 Blood Pressure Monitor Machine Brands In India

1. Dr. Trust 

You can surely trust this brand without any hesitation when it comes to health care equipment. Their Health and Wellness equipment is known for its accuracy, quality, and features. Its BP machines are also one of the best blood pressure machines in the market. Not only for home use, but many professionals also recommend it. 

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Several medical practitioners and doctors even use their equipment. Its Automatic Talking Digital Blood Pressure Monitor is one of the best ones that can communicate in Hindi and English and has a warranty of 5 years. It can be charged using a USB adaptor, or AAA batteries can also be used to run it.

2. HealthSense

Yugantar Agarwal and Surbhi Agarwal founded this Indian company. It has been working since 2014 and has a reputation for providing the best quality health equipment and technologically advanced products at reasonably cheap rates compared to other brands providing the same standards. 

With their vision, “Nothing should be more important to people than their health.”, this company has worked a lot in the field of bringing innovations. HealthSense Blood Pressure Monitor is one of its best BP machines available in India with WHO complaint Technology.

3. Omron

This is the next one in our list of the best BP machine brands in India. This Japanese company was established in 1933. Kazuma Tateishi started this company which manufactures a wide range of electrical and Healthcare equipment.

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Its HEM-7120 BP MONITOR, which has Intellisense Technology and also can be connected to smartphones, is the best arm BP machine from this brand. It also has an indicator and a powerful battery. 

4. Newnik

Newnik Lifecare Pvt. Ltd. is yet another famous brand that is working to meet the demands of several people’s daily health and wellness needs. 

Its SP 501 Aneroid BP machine is an excellent product with CE and ISO certification. If you buy this model, then you also get a stethoscope absolutely free of cost along with it.

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5. Dr. Morepen

This is another trusted and reputed brand that provides clinical and medical devices. It also manufactures daily healthcare products, and its BP monitors are very well known.

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You can go for Dr. Morepen BP ONE BP09 model, which is an automatic BP machine. It has an affordable price and is highly portable and easy to use.

6. Rossmax

It was founded in Taiwan in 1988 and is currently a global leader in the healthcare market. It provides several supreme technological healthcare devices for obesity, fever management, hypertension, sleeping disorders, and also respiratory-related. You can buy Rossmax ZB102 Aneroid BP Monitor, which is very cheap and effective.

7. AccuSure 

It is another famous brand when it comes to Healthcare devices, and its blood pressure monitors are favourite amongst many users. You can buy its SensQ BP Monitor, which can keep a record of up to 60 readings and is portable, and has a universal cuff size.

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8. Dr. Odin

This brand manufactures a range of home and professional Healthcare and Wellness products, including many good blood pressure machines. You can buy its B12 Fully Automatic BP Monitor, which is one of the best blood pressure machines on the market. It has IntelliSense Technology, and another great feature is that this device can read out the readings to you.

9. Citizen

It also ranks at the top among the health and Wellness brands. It manufactures many BP monitors, but the Citizen CH432 Digital BP machine is the best and cheapest blood pressure machine that records readings automatically and comes with a 1-year warranty. It is battery efficient too and gives an average reading of three measurements.

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10. Diamond 

Diamond the last name in our list of best BP monitors brands that are famous for their user-friendly, technologically advanced modern BP machines. You can choose Diamond DG024 BP Monitor, which comes with 60 sets of memory and has a big LCD. This fully automatic BP Monitor works on pencil cells and also has the feature of alarm reminders. All this makes it the best BP machine to bring your home.

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Here ends our list of the 10 best BP machine brands. 

Having a BP machine at your home can be really helpful, and you can choose any of the brands mentioned above, and we can guarantee you won’t be disappointed. 

I hope you found this helpful.

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