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Top Wild Animals in the World: When we think of wild animals, then the first image that comes to our mind is a wild beast with grinding teeth, deadly eyes, and penetrating hooks. But every time, it is not necessary that the most dangerous one has to look dangerous too. There are some cute wild animals too which can prove to be more dangerous than the real danger-looking wild animals. Today, in this article, we are going to discuss the top 10 wild animals in the world which are the most dangerous ones.

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Top Ten Wild Animals in the World

African Lion

The first one on our list is the king itself. The lion is regarded as the most dangerous and the ruler, not only in the stories but, it is also in actuality. African lions have amazing velocity and their teeth and paws are enough to put their prey to death in a few moments. When we talk of African carnivores, then they are the largest ones.

Generally, the female lion is involved in chasing, killing, and arranging food and the males do not hunt. The technique of chasing their prey is remarkable. They chase their prey to a specific region and then, they attack them. They even don’t hesitate to attack giant elephants and rhinos and hyenas.


This animal comes on the second spot in our list of top 10 wild animals in the world. This African meat-eater may seem to be weak in the first look, but assuming this can be fatal. They also have a chomp which is there for tearing any substance and flesh out of bones.

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Their weight ranges between 100 – 190 pounds. One unique thing about these animals is an abnormal trend that is observed in their weight. Females have more weight than males. They are around three pounds heavier than their male counterparts

Cape Buffalo

Also called African Bison, this is another deadly animal found in the African meadows. They have a beast-like look which is enough to scare anyone. There are huge animals with their weight measuring more than 200 pounds. They have a great charging velocity of about 40 miles per hour which makes them one of the toughest animals in the world.

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They are so strong that even after being shot in the heart, they keep on charging and they sometimes even attack the vehicles. Even they do not spare the ‘King of the Jungle’ and many times they even kill them. All this makes them one of the most dangerous wild animals on the planet.


This largest reptile on the planet comes in fourth place in our list. There are many types but when we talk of the most dangerous and destructive ones, then saltwater crocodiles and Nile crocodiles are on the top of the list. They are known to kill various individuals often and they are mostly found in the regions of Australia, Africa, and Asia.

Their nostrils, eyes, and ears are located upwards in the head region which helps them to hear and spot their prey. They may measure between 5 to 20 feet and on every square inch, their powerful jaws can enforce a weight of around 3000 pounds. You may assume them to be lazy in the first look but these reptiles are very quick and this mistake can be fatal.

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Polar Bear

These polar animals are the next wild animal on our list. One of the biggest flesh-eaters in the world, this carnivore bear eats almost every part of its prey. There are not many records about these animals killing humans, but the main reason behind this is that there are not many people around them in the polar region.

Their weight measures between 400 to 600 kg and their smelling ability and visual ability help them to survive in such extreme conditions.


These are probably the biggest vertebrate living on the land with a height of around 13 feet and their huge weights which is not in kgs but in tons (up to eight tons). They are another group of dangerous wild animals. They are becoming more prone to attacking other creatures and humans too, because of the gradual loss of their natural habitat due to human activities. They have great hearing sense and have two tusks and a long trunk. They are herbivores but they never hesitate to assault other creatures.


It is the fastest one in the feline family and is mostly found in the regions of Africa and in the Central Eastern region. Another great thing about these animals is that they can climb trees. Their speed can help them to cover up to 113 kilometers every 60 minutes, which makes it impossible for their prey to escape. Vision power is also amazing and they are able to locate their prey even from a distance of around 5 kilometers far.

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They are another family of deadly wild animals residing in the wilderness. They are huge animals with short legs and prominent horns and it almost becomes impossible to escape them once you fall in their sight range.

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Despite being heavier, they are very quick and attack without alarming. They also fall prey to poaching activities which are a threat to the existence of these animals.


They are another group of wild animals with huge size and weight measuring up to 10,000 pounds. These can be 17 feet long. Their huge weight and power help them win over their foes. They love to rest in water and not like to be disturbed. They are so hazardous that even crocodiles never think of disturbing them!


Generally, when an animal gets injured, they get away from the battleground but these animals become more dangerous and life-taking when they are harmed. They have great climbing capabilities and they can hide efficiently before making a final assault on their prey. They also attack humans and their speed, strong body and adaptation capabilities make them one the most dangerous ones on the planet.

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