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Top 10 Longest Rivers in the World: To draw up the ranking of the longest rivers in the world that you will find on this page, we have kept in mind some basic parameters: the first of all is the length of the river as a whole starting from its most distant emissary.

A practical example is given by the Mississippi River, the most famous river in the United States. As its source, the Jefferson River tributary of the Missouri River was calculated, in turn, a tributary to the Mississippi River itself.

However, it is very difficult to calculate the exact length of each river, and this for several reasons.

The first is the need to identify as precisely as possible the real position of the source and the mouth, to then accurately measure the distance between these two points. This measurement, however, may vary depending on the source that is taken into consideration. Just think of the ten-year dispute over which is the longest in the world between the Nile and Amazon rivers, precisely because of uncertainty in identifying the source. It was only recently that he finally gave himself the lead in the Amazon after more precise measurements.

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The second reason is the lack or absence of precise hydrographic maps especially of some extremely impervious areas but, even in the presence of precise maps, the length of a river can also vary according to the season. A river like the Lena or the Ob-Iris can have different branches that appear and disappear depending on the flow. These motifs, and others of a smaller entity, make the exact measurement of a river extremely difficult.

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Here is the list of the top 10 longest rivers in the world:

NILE RIVER: Longest River in the World

No ranking you deserve would be complete without the longest river in the world, the Nile (although experts have said it has been passed by the Amazon River for some years). Its spectacular course goes from Lake Tena, in Ethiopia to Sudan, passing through Egypt and Uganda.

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The longest river inside the international is the Nile, with 6,650 km from the assembly factor of the White Nile and the Blue Nile to the Mediterranean. It has no real springs, as it is created by using blending the 2 streams, from which many books and movies on the thriller of the Nile springs! It passes via a dozen African countries

RIO OF THE AMAZONS (SOUTH AMERICA): 2nd Longest River in the World

Not only is it the largest, widest, and deepest river in the world but it is also one of those that offers the most incredible views in its almost 6575 KMs traveled through Peru, Colombia, and Brazil. A few years ago it was declared a natural wonder of the world. If you have the opportunity to be there at sunset onboard a boat you will have a truly unique experience.

The longest river inside the globe is the Amazon River flows from the Nevado Mismi – a completely high Peruvian mountain – to the Atlantic Ocean through six nations and the biggest woodland in the global, the Amazon, which takes its first call.

It is fed by 10,000 streams and rivers of various waft and at its mouth, the banks are so remote that it is not possible to build bridges!.

YANGTZE RIVER (CHINA): Longest River in Asia

You don’t go thin if you look at the length (6300 km) and for this reason, it is the third-longest river in the world. It is navigable for most of its extension even if the points of greatest interest are located at the dams, among which the Three Gorges Dam stands out, the largest in the world.

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Who has never seen a movie with this river starring raise your hand! It is the largest in North America, divided between the United States, Canada, and Mexico (in whose gulf it flows). Indigenous tribes considered him the father of the waters. It is completely navigable and it is also possible to stay in the numerous ‘floating’ hotels that populate its waters. It is 6275 KM long.


It is the fifth-longest river in the world and, thanks to its dams, it is one of the main livelihoods of Russian industry, before flowing into the Arctic Ocean. One of its peculiarities is the bed that is completely frozen during the winter


The Yellow River (in Chinese Huang He) owes its name to the fact that it crosses a plateau formed by a very fine material – almost dust – yellowish, called the river erodes the transports it to the valley in huge quantities (more than one and a half billion tons of silt per year), turning yellow.

4,845 km long (according to other calculations 5,464 km), the Huang He has a basin of just Lo Huang He opens the way between high lands and mountains and has a very tortuous course.


In reality, it is made up of the main river (Ob) and its longest tributary (Irtysh). The meaning of its name is ‘white river’, in keeping with the region through which space has been made. Of incredible beauty, especially in the stretch where it crosses the Altay mountains, flowing alongside natural and historical monuments.

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It is considered the largest river in the world with its 219 km. Almost nothing! Its course spans two countries, Uruguay and Argentina. But the curiosity of this river is certainly the curse of its abysses. Throughout history, many planes, boats, and hot air balloons have mysteriously disappeared in its waters. Experts speak of a few thousand over the years.


The sources of the Congo are located on the southern slopes of Mount Musofi in the massif of the Mitumba mountains on the border between the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Zambia, and more precisely in the Katanga region, about 100 km west of the provincial capital, Lubumbashi.

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In the first part of its course, the river is called Lualaba and first flows north towards the lakes of Lac Upemba and Kinsale. About 150 km north of these, it receives from the right the waters of the Luvua-Luapula-Chambeshi river, subsequently entering the large Congolese depression where it flows north to the Boyoma waterfalls near Kisangani.


Argun takes its origin from a lake in eastern Mongolia, Dalai-nor, whose main input is Keulen, which can be considered as the upper reaches of Argun and whose sources are also found in the Kenai mountains. Another important tributary of Argun is the Chair which originates in the Great Khingan chain.

The Argun, which flows through a very wide valley, does not exceed 300 meters in width; although the slope of the riverbed is not very pronounced, navigability is also limited to a stretch of no more than 600 km. for the frequency of rocky slums. From the confluence of Scilka with Argun begins the course of the Amur proper.

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