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Films are surely some of the best entertainments one can ever have. We need constant entertainment and music. People incredibly love English movies and series. They prefer Netflix, Prime, and Smithsonian Channels to watch impeccable series and movies. These have several genres such as Horror, Fiction, Sciences, Erotic, Actions, and lots more.

When it comes to Erotic movies, we prefer to explore the sensuous films of Hollywood with uncensored shots and scenes. Do you like the intimacy and sexy scenes too?

Let’s note down some of the most successful and best erotic movies of Hollywood:

Lie with me:

Directed by Clement Virgo, ‘Lie With Me’ is one of the best erotic movies in Hollywood. With sensual actors, Lauren Lee Smith, Eric Balfour, and Polly Shannon Lie With Me is one of the most outgoing and sexually aggressive movies in Hollywood.

It is an active sensuous movie where a young beautiful girl meets a handsome and a torrid and sensual affair begins and then sex happens. It has been listed as the most erotic movie in Hollywood.

Oh, Ramona:

Based on the concept of a one-night stand and no strings attached, ‘Oh Ramona’ is one of the most erotic and comedy movies in Hollywood. An awkward nerd teenager falls in love with the classmate-a hot chic Ramona. He has strong feelings for her while she just needs sex to satisfy her physical wants for a night or two.

Later on, she moves on and dates other guys from high school, and meanwhile, he gets hooked up with another girl during the trip. This is a good choice for Hollywood erotic movies.


Antares is another sensuous movie in Hollywood. Directed by Gotz Spielmann, this movie is a sensual and sexual drama that has sexual frustrations, abusive relationships, and adultery parts.

Austria’s film’s makers had submitted this film for the 77th Academy Awards for the ‘Best Foreign Language Film’ but, unfortunately, was not accepted as a nominee in the award. But this has been one of the best Hollywood erotic movies.


Desire is one of the most desired erotic Hollywood movies currently. Directed by Diego Kaplan, Desire movie features two sisters, Lucia and Ofelia and they meet after 7 years of Lucia’s marriage. But when Ofelia, Juan and Lucia’s husband meet, and of intense psychodrama that explores creativity and sex via story.

Desire, an Argentinian film depicts a young girl and her extreme level of experiencing orgasm at a young age. It was adored by the viewers, however, critics claimed that it is a film with “Child Pornography” and this gave rise to controversies. Nevertheless, the film was one of the most erotic Hollywood movies.

Fifty Shades Sequels:

A cute yet complicated love story and on-screen romance have stunned the viewers across the globe. A naive Seattle based English literature student Anastasia Steele interviews the young, charming and unbeatable Christian Grey, owner of the Grey Enterprises. The onscreen romance and open intimacy have definitely made the sequels some of the most successful erotic movies in Hollywood. The films are full of physical pursuits and sex scenes from Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan.

Room in Rome:

Everyone desires to watch the erotic scene in private while watching a movie or a series. The sensuous scenes and physical intimacy can definitely touch your soul and heart. This film reveals a true level of intimacy and sensual adventure of two young acquainted women. All new level of sexuality and erotic scenes to excite the viewers.


Released in the year 2001, the film does real intimacy in multiple ways. It only shows that there are certain times in our life when we really want to connect with someone in sexual ways. These things keep the life realities at bay.

Based on intense intimacy, a failed musician and a woman fall for one another and have physical relations and they meet once a week. The problems between the duo arise when the musician starts digging deep into the personal life of the woman.

There are lots of ups and downs and fluctuations between the duo. Nevertheless, the intimacy and sexual level between the duo excited the viewers and hence, it is listed as one of the best erotic movies in Hollywood.

The Reader:

The list of most erotic movies in Hollywood is surely incomplete without the mention of this stunning movie, the Reader. The love story is all about the age difference between 36-year-old Hanna and her boyfriend 15-year-old Michael. Intense moments of sexuality and sensuality makes the movie interesting.

Hence, it is indeed one of the best erotic movies in Hollywood. Watch the movie once and it will mesmerize you till the end of the movie.

The Principles of Lust:

Directed by Penny Woolcock, the Principles of Lust movie is a story about a usual man who has to make a selection in between wilder nights and domestic settled life. Paul (Alec Newman), a struggling writer, falls in love with Juliette (Sienna Guillory) and has sensual moments between them.

Unfortunately, things don’t turn out to be the way they need in their lives. However, the movie has impressed millions of viewers globally. This is one of the most erotic movies in Hollywood. The story is adapted from a famous novel by Tim Cooke.


Lolita is a French-American erotic film directed by Adrian Lyne. Lolita 1st sequel was released in 1962 and it is the second screen adapted movie of Vladimir Nabokov’s interesting novel. The stars in the film are Jeremy Irons named Humbert and the famous Dominique Swain as Lolita.

In early adolescence years, Hubert fell in love with a girl of the same age and they did everything together and grew into adults. He was always obsessed with young chic girls. This is indeed one of the best erotic movies in Hollywood.

So, folks, these were some of the erotic and sensual movies of Hollywood you must watch.

Hope you liked reading this.

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