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Top Laptop Brands in the World: Each n every one of us is obsessed with brands, no matter what we are going to opt for, we make sure that it belongs to a reputed brand. The same goes for when we are planning to buy electronics, especially laptops.

With so many companies around, it is tough for us to choose the best one, each n every day, the market is getting flooded with laptops with new and advanced features that are bound to make you confused no matter how geeky you are.

When it comes to buying a laptop, there are many things that we ought to consider, like durability, budget, technical support features, etc.

You will research the laptops, shortlist them, etc. At times, we don’t have that much time in our hands and want something instantaneously.

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So, this is where we will help you. Here is a list of the top 10 laptop brands in the world. These brands are known for delivering high-quality products.


One of the luxury brands in the world, Apple is famous for its entire range of gadgets, be it phones, tablets, laptops, etc. apple has its operating system, which is pre-installed in their devices.

Apple is famous worldwide for its built quality, user-friendliness, design, customer support, etc. the laptops they make are attractive and have a very stylish design. The operating system is easy to use and is error-free.

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The laptops are also easy to carry around as they are lightweight; the retina technology of the laptops is impressive, making the screen extraordinarily crisp and clear. Apple also has a 14-day return policy.


Dell is famous in the corporate sector as they make the best windows laptop. They are famous because of their technical support as well as their sales support. The laptops made by dell are budget-friendly and are very powerful.

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Their designs also very simple, so for the ones who are not into fancy stuff, then dell is the one for them. They also make gaming machines named Alienware, which is famous among the gaming community, and the ratings of dell have skyrocketed because of this.

The pricing of dell laptops is very fair, and everything is super professional. Their laptops are a class apart. So, for the ones looking for the best windows laptop, then Dell is the one.


Though their laptops are a bit expensive, Lenovo makes great machines apt for students, gamers, business officials, etc. Lenovo is famous for making business-class laptops that have high power and flexible designs.

In other words, the laptops made by Lenovo are robust and extremely powerful.


ASUS is famous for its Chromebooks and mini laptops; moreover, they are also renowned for making affordable yet durable laptops. The hardware used in the laptops manufactured by ASUS is of ideal quality.

The budget machines made by ASUS have commendable performance. The display is full HD, and even the battery life goes up till 4 to 5 hours. Which shows that the company has kept heavy users in their mind while making their laptops.

The material used by ASUS is of premium quality, and their customer service is par excellent after Apple ASUS is the company that receives a lot of positive reviews from its customers.


Hewlett- Packard (HP) is an old brand which provides reliable machines, but have lost their popularity because of the other brands. Though they provide reliable machines, their battery life is not as high. This is also the reason why they are losing out on customers.

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Not only laptops, but HP is also famous for its printers, desktops, etc. HP has excellent customer service in the western part of the world. The range of Laptops by HP caters to each n everyone. The machines manufactured by HP offer high performance, hardware, great display, and have an excellent design.

Though HP doesn’t make stylish or attractive laptops, their laptops are reliable and at reasonable prices.


Though it’s a Chinese company, ACER offers the best value for money laptops. ACER is known as the largest manufacturer in the world, and also, a company is known for flooding the market with laptops that cater to all sorts of budgets.

They are also known for manufacturing the best of high-end gaming and premium notebooks. Their machines are available all over the world. The designs of the laptops are basic, and their customer service is also not very excellent.

But still, they offer incredibly high laptops without burning a hole in your pocket.


One of the most famous brands for gaming, MSI, is known for delivering the best of the best gaming laptops renowned amongst the gaming community. The only downside is that they don’t make anything for the ones who need budget laptops.

Though these laptops are expensive, the quality used by the company is par excellent. They always manage to grasp the attention of gamers. Though the notebooks made by them are not for everyone, they do make eye-catching features.

They don’t offer 24/7 customer support, and their laptops aren’t meant for regular use. But if you are looking for laptops for gaming, then this company is the best.

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Known for making the surface book, Microsoft is one of the oldest computer brands in the market. Microsoft is one of those brands that will not bombard the market with laptops, but whatever they release is the best and wonders for professionals.

The operating system of Microsoft is used by 90% of the laptop companies. The customer support of Microsoft is exceptionally wonderful, and their laptops are sturdy. They also offer help through their social network.

The warranty for Microsoft laptops is impressive. It is one of the innovative brands that never fail to surprise its customers.


Toshiba is famous for its daily manufacturing use of laptops. The laptops are for the ones who are looking for budget laptops to carry daily tasks. The Japanese company has improved its customer service, and now it is considered one of the best laptop brands.

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They have managed to grasp the attention of the market and hope they continue to do so.


a Very famous Korean brand Samsung has manufactured fabulous phones, tablets, and other gadgets. Their customer service is fantastic, which is why they have managed to grasp the entire world’s attention.

But their laptops aren’t as famous and accessible, as the notebooks made by them have a fundamental design and the battery life is miserable. The warranty for the Samsung laptops is also not very commendable.


So these were the top 10 laptop brands in the world; all of these brands are famous and make the best of the laptops. No matter what your budget is, you will find something that fits your need.

Now you know what laptop brands are best in 2020 and our favorite picks for each of them.

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