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Top 10 Paint Companies in India: Colours attract us. There is a connection between colour and psychology. Colour has the power to change our mood. Whenever you buy a house or renovate your old one, paint is essential. With the increasing construction sectors, we have seen the growth of painting houses or buildings. Generally, two kinds of paintings are used depending on your purposes – one is decorative paint, and the other one is industrial paint. Exterior wall paints, interior wall paints, wood finishes, primer, and putties fall under the decorative paint category, which acquires 75% of the market, and packaging coatings, marine coatings, powder coating, automotive coating fall under the category of industrial paint category which acquires the rest 25% of the market.

To choose the best name, you need research. There are many paint companies in India right now, but the problem we face is which to choose for a better coating.

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Here is a list of the top 10 paint companies in India. 

Asian paints

There is no introduction needed for this company as it pops up in our mind when it comes to painting. The company was founded in 1942. It spreads across 17 different countries across the world. With its 7600+ employees, they have been marked as India’s largest and Asia’s third-largest paint manufacturing company. Their business spread across manufacturing, selling, distribution, coatings and bath fittings. With its $2 billion revenue, the company holds a 54.1% share in the paint industry.

Berger paints India ltd.

Whenever you think about painting your house, I am sure this name comes first in mind as it is a top-rated and trusted paint company in India. Started the journey in 1923, the company has become a huge name in the paint industry. Being considered the second-best manufacturer in India, the company has bagged some renowned projects like Hotel Le Meridien Delhi, Teen Kanya Kolkata, Cognizant Chennai, and many more.

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They are spread across 5 countries – India, Russia, Nepal, Poland and Bangladesh. With more than 3500+ employees, their products range from exterior wall coatings, interior wall coatings, Berger metal and wood paints and construction chemicals. Its headquarter is situated in Kolkata, West Bengal.  

Kansai Nerolac Paints Ltd

Kansai is also a Japan-based subsidiary paint manufacturer which was established in 1920 in Mumbai. They have 6 big manufacturing plants across India. 

Their products range from decorative coatings, industrial coatings to automotive and performance coatings. They are considered as the second largest paint manufacturing company in India. With their innovative marketing strategy, they have kept their position at the top. Its headquarter is situated in Mumbai, India.

Dulux Paints

Another big name in this list is Dulux Paints. They started their journey in 1932 with the production of AkzoNobel. Being considered the world’s leading paint companies, the company has made a giant image of them. The brand is famous for its luxury look and long durability. They are a popular brand with their headquarter situated in Haryana. It is one of the fastest-growing company in India.

Jenson and Nicholson Pvt Ltd

Jenson and Nicholson Pvt Ltd was established in 1922 in India becoming the second oldest paint company. Jenson and Nicholson and Sheenlac collaboratively formed the joint venture in 2016. When it comes to decorative paint, this name is a reputed one to choose. The company has been a part of a few renowned projects with the names like Birla Mandir, Birla Museum, St. Pauls Seminary Shillong, Commonwealth Games village and many more.

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Its impressive marketing techniques and innovations became the first paint company to join the Nova Paint club. Its headquarter is situated in Gurgaon, Haryana, India. Their motto “Whenever you see colour, think of us” makes them different from others in the industry.

British Paints

You have another choice if you want to paint your house and that is British Paints. The company was founded in India in 1947. It’s an international brand that has been recognized as a prestigious one. Its headquarter is in New Delhi. They offer enamels, putty, distempers, texture, cement paints, primers, and waterproofing with a vast range of collection. They can be considered as one of the best choices.

Shalimar Paints

One of India’s leading and oldest paint brands that have continually evolving with the new high-end technology and providing the best service is Shalimar Paints. The company spreads its business in two segments – decorative paint and industrial paint. It was established in 1902 in Howrah, West Bengal. Now, its headquarter is situated in Gurgaon, Haryana.

With more than 54 branches across India, they are considered as one of the big names in the paint industry. They have filled their bag with some of the big names like Howrah Bridge, Rashtrapati Bhawan, Salt Lake Stadium, Vidyasagar Setu and many more.

Nippon Paints

Nippon Paints is a Japanese paint manufacturing company; it was founded in 1881. Being a very old industry, the company has gained the position of fourth largest paint manufacturer in the world. With their high quality and eco-friendly products, they provide marine coatings, automotive coatings and industrial coatings. Their branches are spread across the whole world, but the headquarter is in Osaka, Japan.

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Snowcem Paints

Snowcem Paints was established in 1959 in Mumbai, India. With a few years of service, the company has gained trust from its customer. It is considered as one of the leading manufacturers in the paint industry. Their business spread across textured paints, cement paints, primers, liquid paints, surface preparation products and construction admixture.

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With their strong R & D centre, they continuously research innovative and more advanced products that have kept them ahead in the game. They operate their branches through their head office in Mumbai.

Akzo Nobel India ltd

The company is known for its innovation and creativity. The company has been present for over 60 years with a leading market position. It started its journey in 1911, but after some of the owners’ changes, it became independent in 1993. They are spread across the whole world with its headquarter in Netherlands, Amsterdam. Being the only integrated paints and coatings company in India, its products range from decorative paints, industrial paints to chemicals and many more. 

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