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Home Automation Companies in Delhi NCR, India: You are smart, right? Don’t you think your home should also be smart? Smart Home? What does that mean? Confused? Wait, let me explain. 

Just imagine you are sitting in your dining room, office, car, or any other remote location and you’re able to control things like electric appliances, lights, heating-cooling system, electrical outlets, door locks, windows, smoke detectors, cameras, and any other sensors. Clean your place with a smart vacuum cleaner, run all your entertainment devices, and control them through a single device. 

How does it sound? Home Automation is all possible where every smart appliance is linked to a centralised control system that can be used to control them manually or even be programmed. Having home automation installed at your place can help you in energy conservation, extra security. Since all the appliances are connected to a single device, no matter where you are, you can always control everything using your tablet, laptop, or smartphone.

Home Automation is not something very new to this world, but many people might not be aware of it in countries like India. But in the past years, the demand for home automation services has significantly increased, which has resulted in significant Investments by many tech players in this sector. Several companies have emerged which are now providing Home Automation solutions, and by 2024, this sector is estimated to grow to USD 151 billion.

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Suppose you live in the capital city of Delhi and looking forward to equipping your home with Home Automation Technology. In that case, we are here to list the names of the best home automation companies in Delhi NCR, providing you with all kinds of home automation solutions.

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List of Home Automation Companies in Delhi NCR, India

1. Wigzo Technologies

It is one of the best home automation providers in Delhi which was founded by Himanshu Kaushik. The company deals with data security, business consultancy, analytics, email marketing, database management, and automation solutions. 

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Based in the New Friends Colony, Delhi, this company has three boards of members, and since it was started, it has worked with several customers and can be a good option for installing Home Automation at your home, office, etc.

2. Mistral

It is another reputed company providing home automation in Delhi NCR. Anees Ahmad started this company in 1999, and in the past 21 years, this company has emerged as one of the best engineering and product designers.

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This company can meet all your home automation demands, and it also deals with hardware and testing. Past customers reviews and the quality provided by this company are the reason for it to be on our list of Home Automation companies in Delhi NCR.

3. Pioneer E Solutions

This company was started eight years ago in 2012 by Sonali Mishra and is another good option for home automation solutions in Delhi. It can help you meet your automation needs with its wide range of automation services from general audio and video control smart devices to home security surveillance cameras and other intelligent devices.

4. Smarthomeautomations

This company is based in Noida, which provides several Home Automation devices and services for hospitals, hotels, houses, institutions, etc. This company’s automated solutions are internationally certified, and it has a good network throughout the country through its partners.

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It also provides voice control Automations compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google home. It has worked with many builders, institutions, and corporations in the past few years and has provided unmatched automation solutions.

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5. Sight & Sound India

The 5th company in our list of Home Automation companies in Delhi NCR is Sight, and Sound India, which provides automation solutions with high accuracy and efficiency with the best use of technology and its systems. Their experts can study your site carefully and can design an excellent automation system considering all the devices that will be needed and the extent of automation that can be done. 

Their solutions are energy efficient and very effective with the people with special needs and the elders to control various smart appliances just from a single device.


It is another famous home automation brand not only in Delhi but also all over India. Its dealers are present across the country, providing the best quality home automation system. With its cutting-edge technology and advanced, durable, and affordable products, this company makes its spot in our list of top 10 Home Automation companies in Delhi NCR.

7. Lightomated

It is another right choice for home automation solution providers in Delhi NCR and also in other cities like Bangalore and Mumbai. They also deal in home theatres. The automation services provided by them include all types of centralised control services like heating ventilation and air conditioning, assistance surveillance cameras, security locks, lighting control, and many more. 

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It provides intelligent software that can give you magical powers to control everything as per your wish even when you are outside Delhi or India.

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8. Smarthome NX

It is another reputed company providing connected home services automation devices across India. This company is associated with many global brands like Eureka Forbes, BOSE, HIKVISION, INOHO, etc. The company has everything you need starting from automation consultancy to practical solutions for all kinds of home automation services, smart connectivity, safety and security, entertainment, etc.

9. SmartMakerz

It is the next home automation company that can help you build your dream smart home with well experienced internationally certified consultants to analyse your needs and plan things accordingly. Apart from home automation, it also works in security solutions, audio and video, and networking solutions, home theatre, and AV.

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10. Cubical Labs

This is the last one in our list of Home Automation companies in Delhi NCR, but it is probably the best one. It’s Home Automation system is also very affordable and one of India’s fastest ones, which executes your commands within 10 Milliseconds. It can track your energy consumptions and even supports voice commands. It provides unified control over all the smart devices through your smartphone. 

These were the 10 Home Automation service providers in Delhi NCR. I hope you found this helpful. 


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