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Top 10 Cement Companies in India: Like every other company, the cement industry also has seen massive growth in recent years. Real-estate companies are making apartments almost every month. Not only real-estates but every construction job, we need cement. Every part of the country is being developed day by day. So, the increasing demand for the new buildings has pushed the cement industry to a new level.

India, being the second-largest cement producer has the ability to produce 502 million tonnes every year according to IBEF. This is one of the few top industries which is expected to reach 550-600 per annum. I’ll be discussing the top 10 cement companies in India in this article.

There are many companies mushrooming every day. Which would you give the first contract? Are you looking for a cement company that could be suitable for your new home? There are many questions. Then reading this article will help you to get an answer. Let’s jump onto details.

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Top 10 Best cement in India

UltraTech Cement Ltd

UltraTech Cement Limited is a subsidiary company of Aditya Birla Group. The company was founded in 1983. Headquartered in Mumbai, this is one of the largest cement producers in India. They have the capacity of producing 116.75 million tonnes per year. Known as the largest manufacture of grey cement, white cement, and ready-mix concrete, UltraTech is the only company in the world that produces over 100 million tonnes after China. With 22,000 employees, the company’s operation spans Sri Lanka, Bahrain, and UAE including India.

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Ambuja Cement Ltd

This is yet another big name in the industry that is famous for its quality service. Ambuja Cement Ltd started its journey in the same year as UltraTech, in 1983. Their head office is basically based in Mumbai but they also operate in other parts of the country. It was previously known as the Gujarat Ambuja Cement Limited.

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Currently, they have over 4,625 employees spreading all over the country. They have the capacity of producing 29.65 million tonnes per year. The is one of the few companies which is directly connected to the renewable resources field.


Being a very old entity, ACC Ltd has made a strong mark in the cement industry. The company came into being 84 years ago in 1936. 11 cement companies from Tata, Khataus, Killick Nixon, and F.E Dinshaw merged into one group and formed the ACC (The Associated Cement Companies). Now, it has been changed to ACC Ltd.

Headquartered in Mumbai, the company has 6,643 employees with over 50000 dealers and retailers spread all over the country. In 2004, a major Swiss cement company, LafargeHolcim acquired control of the company. This is the only company that has got Superbrand status.

Shree Cement Ltd

Shree Cement is responsible for building many big foundations. This is one of the biggest cement producers in India. Founded in 1979, the company spreads across the whole country with its own manufacturing units. Though they started their journey in Rajasthan, the head office is situated in Kolkata.

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Started with a capacity of only 0.6 million tonnes per year, they are now a proud producer of 29.30 million tonnes per year. Shree Cement has been enlisted on the National stock exchange as well as the Bombay Stock Exchange. With over 6,185 employees, the company is giving quality service to everyone.

Dalmia Bharat Ltd

Being known as one of the fastest-growing and most profitable groups in India, the business of Dalmia Bharat Ltd has spread across many segments. One of the most profitable segments is Dalmia cement. Incorporated in 1939, the company has come a long way. They are known as the maker of super speciality cement which is used for railway sleepers, airstrips, and oil wells. This is one of the top 10 cement companies in India that has the capacity of producing 25 million tonnes per annum.

Birla Corporation Limited

Another known entity in this list is Birla Corporation Limited. Their business spread across many sections. The cement manufacturing company was started in 1918. Birla Corporation was a jute manufacturing company but it changed its name in 1998. It’s a flagship company of M P Birla Group of Companies. It is one of the leading cement companies in India with a market capitalization of 4, 307 Cr.

India Cements Ltd

With a dream of building an industrial India, Shree S N N Sankaralinga Iyer and Sri Narayanaswami founded India Cements Ltd in 1946. Their integrated cement plants spread across the whole country. Headquartered in Chennai, they have acquired a top place in the cement industry. Where in 1989, India Cement had the capacity of only 1.3 million tonnes per year, they are now producing 15.5 million tonnes per year.

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The Ramco Cements Ltd

Ramco Cements come from the Ramco Group which was founded in 1961. Based in Chennai, they are also operating through other states of the country. They offer Portland cement (main product), blast furnace slag cement, white cement, and Pozzolana cement.  This is one of the most popular brands in India which has a capacity of 16.45 million tonnes per year.

Orient Cement Ltd

Founded in 1979, Orient Cement has been enlisted on the National Stock Exchange. Initially, it was a part of Orient Paper & Industries but left the group in 2012 and became a singular entity. Their integrated cement plants are spread across the whole country. Their products are Pozzolana Portland Cement and Ordinary Portland Cement.

HeidelbergCement India Ltd

This is the last but not the least cement manufacturing companies in India as per market capitalization of 4, 357 Cr. They are part of HeidelbergCement Group, Germany. They have the capacity of producing 5.4 million tonnes per year. Their business spread across 50 countries around the globe. The company focuses on sustainable construction.

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This is the list of the top 10 cement companies in India.


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