SmihubInstagram is the popular social media that most common people and celebrities from many fields use. In this platform, people upload their stories, photos, and videos, and most of the people will have a public account where people can see all the posts and stories. But, some people use private accounts in which only people who have permission can view their posts and stories. The work of the Smihub application is to access the Instagram accounts and help the user see all the posts and stories of that particular account without the knowledge of the account user.

People use this app to visit Instagram accounts anonymously and view other users stories, pictures, and videos. This app has various other features also, and the main feature of this app is to access the insta accounts to get the videos, images, and stories of the users. There are many similar applications available in both Appstore and play store. These are some of the common points about the Smihub application.

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The attractive user interface of Smihub

The interface is the main component for every app that attracts more users. An application with an attractive and user-friendly interface will have mare users, and it also helps improve the app’s popularity. Many kinds of applications are available on the internet with a great user interface. The Smihub application is one of them that has a user-friendly interface that helps people to access it easily.

While opening this application, it has a white search tab and other various application features. People can use the search tab to enter the account’s username that they want to view anonymously. While using this app, people don’t need to log in to their account, and the victim user’s account will not have any record about the access. And this application will also have various features in the app that helps to know more about the users of other Instagram accounts.

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Abilities of Smihub application

This application has many attractive and useful abilities that help many people. The Simhub application is suitable for anonymous viewing of Instagram accounts, and it also helps to view the stories and posts of people with Instagram accounts. These are some of the common abilities of this application, and it also contains various features that help the users to know more about the other account holders.

The user who uses this application can analyse all the features of other Instagram accounts. It includes the like count, views, followers, and even the list of followings of that particular account. This application can provide details of all kinds of accounts, and it is useful to view insta accounts. All these are some of the attractive and useful features and abilities of the Smihub application.

The reason behind the popularity of the Smihub app

There are many kinds of applications available on the internet, and only a few are popular among people. It’s because of the attractive and creative features available with the applications. The main reason for this application’s popularity is the attractive and colourful user interface, which makes accessing other insta accounts easy. And people don’t need any technical knowledge to use this application. Everybody with common mobile and website knowledge can use this application.

The simplicity and the availability of the application make the app so popular among people, and it also helps to increase the user count than other mobile applications and websites. It is an entertainment application that helps friends find their little lovely secret stories on their Instagram accounts without their knowledge. These are some of the reasons behind the popularity of this mobile application and the website.

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How to view Instagram stories in this app

This application has several features, and viewing Instagram stories is among them. The first step is to enter the username of the Instagram account that the user needs to view the story and then press the search option available on the right side of the screen and wait for the app to load the complete results for the search. After completing the search, the app will list all the user accounts similar to that user name. The user can select the account from the Instagram accounts list as per their needs.

After selecting the account, the user can view all the details about that particular account, including like, views, and the followers count. This process will also allow the user to view all the stories of that account user. And it will not have any notification sign or warning sign to the account user, which makes this search anonymous, and the victim account will have the view count of this user who use the Smihub app to view the stories and other contents.

Difference between Smihub and other similar apps

Many applications and websites are available on the internet with similar abilities to the Smihub application, but they will also have some differences. Most of the Instagram viewer applications and websites will work with similar kinds of algorithms and programs. But the user interface, the input taking process and the output delivery process will be entirely different in all applications. The features available with this application will also differ according to the apps and websites.

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The Smihub application is also available in the website form, but most applications will not have their website form. And this application is suitable for viewing only on the Instagram application, but some similar apps will have access to view content on their various social media platforms. The Smihub application has features that help save the stories and other content of the victim account, but most of the other applications will not have these features. These points explain the difference and the working process of various similar Instagram viewer applications.


These are the features and abilities of the Smihub application and websites. This application is one of the best Instagram viewer applications that helps to view others Instagram stories, images, and videos. Several users use this application daily, and it is a useful application for people who need to view other Instagram account content and stories without their knowledge. All these points will explain the working process of this remarkable application.

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