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Kaplan Higher Education is a for-profit institution that offers associate degrees, diplomas and certificate education to individuals who have their interested in career training or college-level credit courses. The company has presently more than 40 locations in 40 states of America, providing over 100 programs in adult vocational areas as well as professional locations like medical assisting and phlebotomy technician training programs to name a few of them. The following are the best diploma courses, in Kaplan Higher Education;

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1. Diploma in Sports and Exercise Science

This is Kaplan’s vocational program and it is designed for those individuals who have an interest in sports or fitness. It is one of the best diploma courses. This program provides training to students in a specific area of choice and offers many courses that include a variety of health and wellness topics. The programs are accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Athletic Training Education (CAATE) and they can be conducted at several locations throughout the U.S.

2. Diploma in Medical Assistant

Kaplan has 13 locations around the country, which are designed to help individuals perform their job at medical offices, clinics as well as hospitals. This vocational or professional school is offered in three-year programs days either Saturday or Sunday classes.

3. Diploma in Phlebotomy Technician

This program is designed for those individuals who seek to work in medical facilities as well as outpatient settings. It is a two-year program that emphasizes the fundamentals of the profession and its scope of job duties as well as responsibilities.

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4. Diploma in Veterinary Assistant

This program has been designed for students who wish to become veterinary assistants working with veterinarians, or vet technicians at clinics and hospitals. The goal of this program is to provide students with insights into animal medicine, care, and nursing techniques.

5. Diploma in Automotive Technology

Kaplan’s Automotive Program is designed for students who wish to work in the automotive field. It is one of the best diploma courses. This two-year program is conducted in conjunction with vocational schools such as the Auto Club of Southern California, The California School for the Deaf, and the Oakland School District. It has its classes given during Saturday and Sunday hours.

6. Diploma in Medical Billing and Coding

Kaplan’s medical billing training program is designed for individuals who want to be a medical billing or coder which is a job that deals with insurance companies processing patient bills. This program can be completed either full-time or part-time as well as concurrently with other pursuits such as work or study.

7. Diploma in Real Estate

This program is designed for students who want to learn the basics of real estate. It is offered at six locations in the country.

8. Diploma in Paralegal Studies

This program is designed to help those individuals who are interested in becoming a paralegal or legal assistants. It is an 18-month program that can be completed both full-time and part-time.

9. Diploma in Travel and Tourism

The program has been designed for those individuals who want to be travel agents or tour guides, which makes it one of the more popular programs at Kaplan due to the rising number of travelers in the U.S.

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10. Diploma in Web Development

The program is designed for students who wish to learn the basics of website designing and development, one of the more popular programs at Kaplan for recent graduates looking for a career in web development.

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