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Best Hollywood Suspense Thriller Movies: Be it the visuals, unbelievable action, or engaging screenplay, Hollywood has given everything. It has given some of the best movies of all time which can be regarded as the gems of world cinema.

There are numerous movies with various subjects made in almost every genre. ‘Suspense- thriller’ is of the most popular categories.

We have listed down some of the best Hollywood thriller movies that have offered us the nicest movie-watching experience.

In this article, we will talk about some of the best suspense thriller movies, that you wouldn’t want to miss out.

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Best Suspense Thriller Movies:

The Hurt Locker

The movie that tops our list is the 2010 movie ‘The Hurt Locker’ that bagged 6 Oscar Awards. James, an armature Sergeant surprisingly swoops two of his subordinates into urban warfare and is an engrossing screenplay and stunning sound effects.


This movie was directed by Clint Eastwood. It came in 1993 and this movie- ‘’Unforgiven’, is one of the best thriller movies of all time. Morgan Freeman and Clint Eastwood were the two leads who played retired criminals, whom the avenging prostitutes urged to pick up the firearms one last time, giving them an offer that they could not resist.

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The movie Psycho was released in the year 1960 which showed the functioning of a flush terrible killing of the innocent protagonists on the big screen which makes the movie captivating. This is yet another movie with the most unforgettable ending. It was a black-and-white filmed made on a very small budget. The box-office returns were very high, despite the mixed reviews by the critic.

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The Silence of the Lambs

This 1991 movie in which a lecturer who was once a serial killer was approached by an FBI agent to get hold of another serial killer and an agent’s trust on a former serial killer was an experimental attempt never done before, that made the movie popular. It was the sixth film nominated for ‘Best Picture’ in the thriller-horror-movie genre and the first to win the award for Oscars.

The Usual Suspects (1995)

This movie was released in 1995. The police trying to stop the heist which was planned by the criminals, when they were brought together to line up is what fascinated the audience. It is one of the most engaging thriller movies. The movie was firstly released only in some theatres, after competing in the film festival. Eventually, it received good reviews and a bigger platform worldwide.

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Fight Club

The 1999 movie directed by David Fincher, Fight Club has one of the most iconic characterizations of the lead role  Tyler Durden. The movie was inspired by a graphical novel with extraordinary performances of the leads actors. It received a mixed review from the critics making it the most controversial movie of that time, due to which it fell flat in the box office. The movie once released on DVD  gained great popularity.

Rear Window

The movie Real Window is about a photographer who spies on his neighbors which results in an unexpected situation that changes his life. This 1954 movie brings the audience to the edge of their seats, making it one of the best thriller movies. The movie was appreciated by the critics and was regarded as one of the best works of Hitchcock having significant importance culturally and aesthetically.

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Alfred Hitchcock directed the 1958 movie Vertigo is a very unpredictable movie for the audience. It is the story of a detective suffering from acrophobia who is approached to investigate the case of the wife of an old friend. The vertigo effect got its name as the movie was the first to create the illusion of a deformed view to convey the acrophobia disorder of the detective using the in-camera effect.

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1985 movie Rope was entirely shot in two rooms. The most engaging part of the movie was the dialogues between the two criminals about their experiences. Making a huge impact, despite a non-larger-than-life set is incredible. The real-life incident of a 14-year-old boy’s murder was the inspiration behind the making of this movie.

Shutter Island

Leonardo DiCaprio’s starter movie of 2010 is one of the best suspense thriller movies. The movie has an amazing screenplay of two men who approached to investigate the case of a patient who disappeared from an asylum. Leonardo DiCaprio has done an exceptional job in this movie. It came in the top ten list of the 2010 movies and received a good response from the critics too.

LA Confidential

Curtis Hanson directed this in 1997.  La confidential is an excellently dense written story of three cops who have unique agendas for a police force-linked-corruption murder case. The brilliant performance of the star cast has taken the movie to another level. The movie made good box-office returns, despite the lack of famous lead actors which was initially a concern to the makers.

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Christopher Nolan directed the movie Memento released in 2002, which is a brilliant story of a short-term memory loss man, who desires to take revenge on his wife’s murderers. It becomes difficult for him to believe people without pictures. The movie is a thriller love story.

Strangers on a Train

‘Strangers on a Train’ is a movie directed by Alfred Hitchcock. Two men meet on a train and discover that both can figure out each other’s desire to murder someone by executing the ‘perfect crime’. The movie is very experimental and one of its kind.

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The Prestige (2006)

The Prestige is a 2006 movie directed by Christopher Nolan. It has an amazing screenplay filled with emotions and drama in the journey of the knowing existence of magic. The movie is very unpredictable which makes it exceptional.

8MM (1999)

8MM is a 1999 movie in which Nicolas Cage plays the role of a detective who was hired to investigate the mystery of snuff films and child pornography. The movie is one of the finest psychological thrillers.

Here, it ends our list of the top 15 best thriller movies. Do let us know which was your favorite.

I hope the article was fun reading.

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