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Top Clothing Brands in the World: Clothing and fashion have always been popular among humans. Everyone nowadays, wants branded clothes and accessories to impress people around them. Show off is not only the thing related to big brands, but they also proved unmatchable quality and comfort.

People are becoming more fashionable in this era and they are always looking for the best clothing brands. There are so many brands in the market and it’s really difficult to tell which one is the best as all have expertise in certain fields. Adidas, Nike are popular amongst sportspeople while Gucci, Prada, FCUK  are specialized in denim, shirts, pants, hoodies, and other daily and occasional wear.

Today, we will talk about the 10 best clothing brands in the world that won’t disappoint you.

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Top 10 Clothing Brands in the World:


It is a popular clothing brand in the world since the company started operating in 1921. It produces a few of the most expensive clothes in the world with the latest designs and trends making it one of the unique fashion brands. Guccio  Gucci founded this company and now you don’t have to doubt this brand even if you are choosing clothes for the red carpet. The quality is just awesome and the brand takes care of the complete comfort.


Everyone knows this name. It is not just famous for its shoes but also manufactures some of the best clothing and accessories. With its few very unique designs, it is included in the list of top clothing brands in the world. Established in 1964, it initially worked for a Japanese shoe company as its distributor. In the Olympics of 1960, an athlete who won two gold medals stated that he had a pair of Nike shoes. From that time, this American corporation became popular around the globe.

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This brand from Germany is one of the most popular brands all over the world. Mainly famous for its sportswear, this brand also manufactures some of the most fashionable shirts, pants, and other accessories. The craze about its shoes is known to everybody. It ranks second in Europe when it comes to manufacturing sportswear while it ranks second in the world. With its wide range of foodies, socks, and even underwear, it is one of the most expensive clothing brands.


Another great brand from America that can match your craze for fashion and trends. Its clothes are famous throughout the world for their uniqueness. Apart from clothing, watches, perfumes, and jewelry are some other products from this company.

In the year 1981, two brothers named Maurice and Paul opened their first store in Los Angeles, and with time, they went on advertising their brand and it became very popular during 1985 when a lot of black and white ads were made to make this brand reach to the larger section of the society. The company always brings something new and was also a few of the first clothing companies to introduce designer jeans.


If you love fashion then this is the perfect brand for you as they regularly bring new concepts, designs, and fashion trends for their consumers. Another best thing about this brand is that the prices are affordable without compromising with quality and pride. As the name suggests, it is a French company which was started in 1972. Stephen Marks started this and in the 2000s, his brand became noticeable to a wide range of consumers through their advertisement using the special term ‘FCUK’ which was able to draw the attention of the masses.


It is one of the most popular clothing brands from America which is popular for the classic American looks that it offers with a few very unique and twisted designs. It started operating in 1985 and is known for or its quality, style, designs, and cool looks. Denim, footwear, sport wears, and accessories are a few of the things that it offers. It offers its clothing for all aged groups people and for both men and women.


When it comes to expensive, luxurious brands then, this Italian brand is on the top of the list. Mostly famous for its leather clothing, this brand also manufactures watches, shoe accessories, luggage. It initially only sold leather products when it started operating in 1913 but with time, it emerged as a giant in the fashion industry and nowadays, is one of the biggest earning brands in the world.


This French brand is yet another clothing company that is famous for its quality and best designs. Polo shirts manufactured by this company are popular everywhere. Leather goods, footwear,  eyewear, watches, and perfumes are also offered by this brand. Since it was started in 1933, this brand has expanded itself and can be the best choice for you if you love cool fashion styles.

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We all love holidays and especially going to beaches. Selecting the best clothing for beaches can also be a tough job for you but, this band solves your problem. It offers a wide range of beachwear and also common daily wear since it was founded in the year 2000.


This brand has ruled the past four decades with its extraordinary products especially shoes, jeans, sportswear, accessories, fragrance, and other home products. Since it was started in the year 1968 under the name Calvin Klein Limited, it always understood the need and the desire of the youth and created products that were loved by everyone.

This company has won many awards, has featured in many high-class fashion magazines, and has become one of the very trusted brands. A lot of people from the entertainment industry are also fond of this brand and is one of the best women’s and men’s clothing brands in the market.

There are many other good brands like LOUIS VUITTON, HERMES, CHANEL, BURBERRY, RALPH LAUREN, HOUSE OF VERSACE, etc. You can also go to them. The budget should also be kept in mind.

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