Dynamics 365 Business Central

The global marketplace is enhancing and enriching big time. With the businesses tapping in on the best technological solutions to meet their needs, the evolvement of the software solutions is much obvious. Microsoft Dynamics Services are just another robust business management solution designed to assist organizations to streamline their business processes.

D365 Business Central, formerly known as Microsoft NAV, is a comprehensive and extensible application of Dynamics 365 which comes with a wide range of business functionalities. The ultimate solution for small and medium enterprises, Dynamics 365 Business Central has the added benefit of the advanced technology to assimilate with the cloud services like Outlook, Office 365, and Power BI. It can be tailored according to your business needs to offer operational flexibility, optimal performance, and actionable insights such as:

  • Ensuring faster analysis and reporting
  • Performing data visualizations and forecasting sales performance in real-time

Below, are the premium features of D365 Business Central that an organization should consider for a stellar performance of its employees and make a niche for itself:

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Improved Financial Visibility

D365 Business Central leverages the advantages of the in-built Power BI dashboards that can help you chart the monetary performance of your company in real-time. Moreover, it allows your business to organize all the data including purchase, sales, inventory, accounts, and CRM so as to give you an idea about the business activities – both previous and existing. It further improves the financial forecast accuracy while keeping it secure.

Optimal Supply Chain Management

Truth be told, in this era of digital transformation, it’s essential to empower both your manufacturers and supply chain managers to stay connected. Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management is an operational and warehouse management software powered by Ms Cloud that helps a business predict what to replenish and when with the updated inventory levels all the time through IoT, AI, and Mixed Reality. This application is super-supportive to speed up your organization’s information flow thereby enhancing the production process.

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Amplified Sales and CRM

Choose Dynamics 365 Business Central if you like to keep your sales cycles straightforward, track the sales opportunities, and create sales reports. D365 Sales and CRM allows you to see everything happening on your business’ sales front at a glance. It manages the service requests and helps you respond instantly to any of the sales queries by your potential customers. With Business Central, it’s easier to convert leads through the email integration functionality. As it is, particularly for the larger organizations, keeping a track of overdue and upcoming sales opportunities could be difficult. D365 Business Central comes with a convenient interface that helps the Sales Managers inspect and quickly review the overdue sales opportunities, inventory numbers, and forecasts.

Business Central can be used for managing bulk invoices and creating sales return orders helping towards maintaining a streamlined sales funnel in a company.

Enhanced Productivity

Minimizing stress at work is always the best way to boost the confidence of the employees. Equipping your employees with centralized, flexible, and reliable data can empower them to make smart decisions that can lead to the company’s growth. Dynamic 365 Business Central helps the marketing team execute projects and deliver the products and services hassle-free by helping different departments to remain on the same page. D365 Business Central offers:

  • Operational flexibility that can be tailored to the business-specific needs
  • Great potential and optimal performance to ensure faster reporting times
  • Actionable business insights and guidance to connect people faster, forecast sales performance and make efficient and quick decisions
  • Timely completion of the project with real-time business intelligence, advanced reporting capabilities, costing, and monitoring of the resource levels
  • Better conversion and higher sales as the entire process can be managed through Microsoft Outlook
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Make a switch to Dynamics 365 Business Central today!

Not everyone is aware of the power of cloud data management and how important it is for the sales and marketing time to drive sales and accelerate profits. SMBs hold a very important place in the marketplace and thus it becomes all the more important to track and organize data of existing and potential customers to save time, automate and optimize the workflows, and keep the sales funnel going. D365 Business Central is a comprehensive solution for businesses that thrive through sales and marketing. This application can enable your sales agents to offer quick, meaningful, and customized solutions to the customers leading to seamless customer service.

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