High-Speed Roll-Up Door

It can be reasonably easy to figure out what high-speed roll-up doors are about. As the name suggests, these doors open and close very quickly.

Given the current trends, such doors open at around one meter per second. So, for example, a two-meter-high door will take two seconds to open.

In contrast, a standard roller shutter door of the same size would take around eleven seconds to open. Therefore, a high-speed roll-up door saves you time.

Such doors come in many types. So, you need to consider your specific needs before you choose the door type. For example, if your concern is security, you can select a high-speed door made of Aluminium, robust enough to prevent intruders from getting in. Likewise, if your concern is speed and efficiency, you can buy a high-speed PVC fabric door, which can be light and economical.

To ease your decision-making process, we outline the following factors:

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#1. What are Your Safety Requirements?

It is always prudent to assess your safety requirements before investing in such a door. Therefore, you need to examine whether:

  • Is there any need to be able to see through the door?
  • Will there be any visual or audible warning system during the door operation?
  • Is there any possibility of causing injuries while closing the door?

When you select a door, its visibility should be a key consideration if you use it in high-traffic environments. You should not choose a PVC door in such a case because it will lose visibility over time due to scratching.

You should ensure that the door has scratch-resistant panels, allowing drivers to see if there are any potential hazards or people.

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Another aspect you should look at is that the door you choose may close without any warning signal. If so, it will bear the risk of accidental collision.

It can also be a good idea to look into the newer features in such doors. For example, some such doors come with an integrated traffic warning system that alerts the driver through flashing LED lights before the door closes.

#2. Traffic Requirements

Next, you should examine the traffic scenario in your warehouse premises. And you should assess the following aspects before choosing a high-speed warehouse door:

  • Will automated vehicles be passing through the door?
  • Will trucks be passing through the door?
  • Will your employees drive cars through the door?
  • How many times in a day will the door be opened and closed?
  • Will you prefer manual or automatic door operation?

You should assess the capability of your prospective high-speed roll-up door to handle the traffic. Therefore, you should ensure that the door can resist collision. You should also impart proper training to your employees to use the door properly to prevent accidents.

If any accidents occur, it can result in downtime, hampering the productivity of your business. Also, an accident can damage the door, necessitating money outgo in repairing the damage.

Nowadays, you will find many such doors with a unique feature–self-correcting technology. With the technology, the door can repair itself after the collision.

#3. The Involved Ongoing Costs

You have to incur expenses in installing and maintaining a high-speed roll-up door for your business. Therefore, you should make yourself aware of the various involved costs, such as the costs of:

  • Installation
  • Electricity
  • Maintenance
  • Repairs
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Also, you need to assess the expenses related to preventative maintenance to keep your door in the top operating condition.

Ensure that you ask the supplier about the average lifecycle of your equipment.


After going through this article, you can prepare yourself to invest in a high-speed roll-up door. Remember, you can purchase the right door for your business if you consider the abovementioned factors.

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